Secure Backup

Secure software backup, reliable and highly customizable

Secure Backup is the ultimate software born in the headquartier of Softimax and was designed to meet the growing demand for simple and secure software capable of backing up your most sensitive and other simple tasks.
 This is a desktop application can be downloaded from the site and easily installed on your computer. To apply for a license must be used (initially released for free for a trial period) and configure the program to suit your specific needs.

 The program features programmable tasks and actions over time that allow you to perform actions on files, execute commands, detect system information and issue various reports on all actions taken. It allows to perform the following steps:

Users Opinions

- Removal of files dei file;
- File compression;
- Copy of files;
- Moving of files;
- Counting of files;
- Control System;
- Run a command;
- Send reports to e-mail. 

Why choose Secure Backup?


 SicuroSure: it has advanced features and customizable information management office as delete, copy, move, and count of files, system monitoring and execution of commands
 /></td><td><strong>Controllabile:</strong> E' possibile attivare un sistema di report che riepiloga l' esito delle azioni effettuate dal programma. I report possono anche essere inviati automaticamente via mail alla casella di posta desiderata in modo da verificare ogni mattina i backup del giorno precedente.</td></tr><tr><td> <img src=Controllable: e 'can turn on a service report showing the results of actions performed by the program and therefore allows to be informed about the status of the system. The report can be not only consulted but also be automatically sent by email to alert you of any issues.

Customizable: Customizable and has advanced features for managing the office computer as delete, copy, move, and count of files, system monitoring and execution of commands.


the license of the program costs only € 50.00 per year, updates and later versions do not require any payment.


Support: In case of irregularities or problems you can ask for the intervention of Softimax for auditing, research the causes of failure, recovery of the functions of a PC or server, disk recovery, or otherwise. Assistance will be provided via remote support or by acting locally.