Local Area Network backup data

SecureBackup can be used on a single PC but can also be used in a network with multiple computers for centralized management and safe system.

 If you want to manage the backup files from an office with a Server, Storage Server (NAS), and other clients, for this case the installation on the server and configure the Secure Backup program to perform an action of cyclically copies of files created or last modified by all clients on the network (including server) to the NAS (NAS 1). In particular, the program would look for all files with the attribute of change (A) and set, as well as copy, remove the attribute from the original file. Executing the cycle (every half hour on all PCs) is almost certain to withdraw from all PCs (some may be turned off at certain times of the day) files of interest, perform a differential backup, and have at the end the day a folder on the NAS containing the material produced during the working day.

Every night is also possible to start two actions: one to create a compressed folder of material obtained and the other to count the number of files. The latter is in fact a control action, a number of file low or zero could mean that there has been some problems in the system and would require verification.

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Each week you can also make a copy of any compressed folders of the week on a second NAS or a network drive external (NAS 2). In this way a week later you can replay the actions of the program folder, overwriting the previously created and saved time on a second device.