Generic configuration task/action

After activating the product must be configured according to your specifications. You can activate multiple tasks (programmable over time) and each of these involve one or more actions to be chosen from those available in the program. Each action can be configured in a simple or advanced as appropriate indicating all required parameters. Among the actions available to you can choose to receive via mail a log file or a report that lists the result of the actions and results.

Here is a sample configuration:

 1. Open a new task by clicking Nuovo Task (New Task), and use the bottom of the screen to schedule it in time.


 2. Click on New Action and select the type of action among those available.

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3. The required information to adequately perform the required action. You can choose to configure a simple or advanced.

Simple Configuration

 Configurazione Semplice

Advanced Configuration

Configurazione Avanzata

4. After the configuration of actions and tasks you have a screen that contains the list of active operations.

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To activate the program and then start the processes necessary to enable the agent by clicking Start Agent (green triangle) on the upper right. Once activated the agent should be off (red x) to modify existing configurations.

Attivazione Agente